Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP) is a research centre of the University of the Arts London dedicated to the exploration of the rich complexities of sound as an artistic practice.


Our main aim is to extend the development of the emerging disciplinary field of sound arts and to encourage the broadening and deepening of the discursive context in which sound arts is practised.

Research Feature: In the Field (Symposium)

An international symposium for field recording that explored the practice, art and craft of field recording through a series of panel presentations, listenings and screenings at the British Library in 2013. The symposium aimed to relate the multitude of contemporary field recording practices to their historical precedents, while investigating issues in contemporary practices such as how field recordings are distributed to and heard by an audience, recording the unheard, mapping the urban field as well as questioning the extended nature of the field in a digital networked landscape.
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Member Profile: Syma Tariq

Syma's PhD is titled 'Partition’s sonic condition: listening through the postcolonised archive'. Her practice-based research focuses on the discursive and temporal separations embedded in histories of the 1947 partition – the division of the British Raj into independent India and (east and west) Pakistan – through their sonic-archival forms.
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