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In the Air

Wellcome Collection 183 Euston Road, London

In the Air exhibition at Wellcome Collection explores our relationship with the air around us, investigated through the work of Matterlurgy, Tacita Dean, David Rickard, Dryden Goodwin, Forensic Architecture, Choked Up, Anna Atkins, Black and Brown Films, Irene Kopelman, Ernst Haeckel and John Evelyn


Sound Arts Visiting Practitioners Lecture Series


The Sound Arts Visiting Practitioner Series will continue to be held online for the Summer Term. The lectures this will all happen virtually: a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions with guests appearing for a live Q&A (where available). Join us in our virtual teaching room every Thursday.

Sound’s Transversal Breath at Airy En­coun­ters Symposium


This short paper by Salomé Voegelin & Mark Peter Wright aims to bring you into a conversation on the possibility and impossibility of listening together as a listening with: a post-anthropocentric/ post-humanist consideration of perception as the generation of relationships, as sensing with, rather than a hearing/seeing of.