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A Jineology for Iran | Web Exhibition at MOCA London

1st November 2022 - 31st March 2023

A video still showing a black screen with white text that reads "A Jineology for Iran"

MOCA London invites Fari Bradley to make a new work for their annual Web Exhibition 'WE 2022'

Visit the web exhibition here

A Jineology for Iran, is a new video and sound piece in which Fari dreams up a series of shape-shifting spirit forms in support of women's struggle for "Women Life Freedom", reflected in her own gender and ethnicity-based schisms, explored on camera circa 2002.

Jineology is a Kurdish form of feminism and equality practiced by armed women freedom fighters in the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and beyond. Kurds, now divided between four countries, have never been given equal rights, including in Iran. Mahsa Amini the young woman whose murder triggered the 2022 global Iranian protests was Kurdish-Iranian. The worst of the current suppression and regime-backed murders are in Iran's remote and mountainous Kurdish regions. Drawing on a spiritual resonance between the fighting spirit in highland cultures and lores around the world, and pre-Islamic Persian beliefs about djinns (genies) Bradley's "A Jineology for Iran" interweaves Kurdish, Hindu and current Iran-pop visual language, which has exploded on social media since what is being called 'the first feminist revolution' kicked off in Iran in September 2022. 

Watch A Jineology for Iran on MOCA London 


1st November 2022
31st March 2023


MOCA London


MOCA London