Social Listening

Hannah and the group of Social Listening project students stood in a gallery space

This project led by Hannah Kemp-Welch borrows protocols for listening from sound art practice, for use as methodologies for socially-engaged arts. ‘Social listening’ is proposed as an essential starting point for work that seeks to initiate social dialogue. During this project, students listened together and separately, comparing experiences and examining their ‘listening positionalities’.

Making Do Vol. 1, new album by Kate Carr

album cover with the title 'Making Do' and artist name 'Kate Carr' in white text on blue shapes with a selection of objects, a leaf, a cog and a wire

“making do” is KATE CARR’s series of monthly experiments involving limited numbers of everyday objects. Vol. 1 collects the first and fourth installments (October 2021 and April 2022) onto a single cassette.

Interview with Salomé Voegelin

“I want to advocate for a sonic and thus a plural and embodied education at every level, but particularly in primary school”

Listening Memories with Hannah Kemp-Welch

Sound artist and CRiSAP PhD researcher Hannah Kemp-Welch has collaborated with Southampton-based dance and movement artist Gabriel Galvez and the John Hansard Gallery, to lead a series of workshops with elderly people in and around Southampton exploring the relationship between sound, memory and gesture. The project is called Listening Memories. 

Vacancy: Course Leader, MA Music Production

A woman in a music production studio

The LCC Course Leader position for the new MA Music Production course has been re-advertised. The new deadline for application is December 16th, with interviews to follow on January 17th. Salary £48,534 – £58,474 per annum.

Kleefeld – Klangfeld, public art project in Bern by David Mollin and Salomé Voegelin

Artist with a group of seated children sat outside in the site

The project Kleefeld – Klangfeld will make the environment of a newly rebuilt local school in a culturally diverse area of the town into an ‘instrument’ to be listened to and sounded as a Klangfeld, as a sonic field, that makes audible the temporary and passing nature and use of the site: how it is inhabited by the local community in its diversity.