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Convergence Festival

22nd September 2022 - 25th September 2022

Adam leaning over a laptop playing "To USSS" sound work, with a red light glowing in the background

Convergence Festival

De Montfort University
Institute for Sonic Creativity—MTI2
Leicester, UK
22-25 September 2022


A festival and conference celebrating new work and ideas in music and technology.

At this years event, CRiSAP Member Adam Stanović will be performing ‘To US.S..S…’  and CRiSAP PhD student Berk Yağlı will be performing his work ‘A Hybrid Mind”.


About Adam’s work ‘To US.S..S…’

“Over the past ten years, I have been constantly influenced and inspired by the works of my various students and colleagues in the University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS) (UK)… to the point that my musical ideas and interests have been profoundly shaped by the people that I have had the pleasure of working with. In early 2022, I left Sheffield’s music department, and this piece was my parting ‘gift’: an homage to my amazing colleagues, students, and friends that have been – and continue to be – such an inspiration. It contains references to around 30 of my students and their unique interests, but starts with a lengthy pastiche of Adrian Moore’s Counterattack.

To US.S..S… is, in a sense, my view on where acousmatic music is going; a blending, fusing, integration of ideas old and new, clichéd and novel, emerging and disappearing… In my postmodern ‘toast’ to the University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS), therefore, please raise your glasses ‘To Us…’ or rather, ‘To USSS…’ or rather, ‘To US.S..S…’.”

This work received an Honary Mention at the Destellos Competition, Argentina, and was the winning piece at Sound Spaces 2022, Hertzbreakers, Sweden.


About Convergence Festival

21st century musical creativity rides on the convergence of many streams of musical cultures, styles and value systems.  The previous century’s passage through modernist and postmodern imperatives, mixes and meetings of cultures has propelled us into a state of glorious collision, where tradition and innovation coexist in fusion and confusion.  New technologies are a central element in this creative ferment – from immersive multichannel and audiovisual environments, expressions of artificial intelligence and transmedia storytelling to human-machine interaction and hardware hacking.

How might we make sense of this multiplicity of creative endeavours? What are the tensions and synergies we feel amongst the creative approaches of practitioners and between the insights of theorists and critics? What, if anything, might we sense is our relationship with the ideals and cultural products of the past?  How does the collective imagination of artists, engineers and listeners collaboratively shape the way we form our future?

Read more about the festival and registration on the De Montford University website.




22nd September 2022
25th September 2022


De Montford University