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24th January 2023 @ 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Cafe Oto | Tickets £7/12/14

Three performances celebrating vibrating strings, resonant hollows, frictions, random accidents, and transitions. The violin, cello, objects and rubbish are explored in expansive ways in this trio of concerts. In his Oto debut Greek improvisor Dimos Vryzas focuses on the ‘moment of creation’ in a set which will see him radically repurposing the violin. While Isidora Edwards presents an improvised set centred on the cello, and RUBBISH MUSIC turn to the discarded items of Dalston for their detritus-filled soundscapes.


Dimos Vryzas is a violinist, improviser, sound artist and composer from Thessaloniki, Greece. For several years now his focus in music has moved toward free improvisation. He studied improvisation with Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin, and has a comprehensive spectrum of influences, from classical and folk music to rock, noise and ambient music. He is interested in exploring the limits of his instrument, working with the contrasts of acoustic / electric sound and exploring new ways of expression within music. While the violin is the main source of his sound, he often uses his voice as well as other instruments. He has collaborated with many composers, visual artists, directors and dancers in various interdisciplinary projects all over Europe. In recent years, he has been traveling, recording and performing with many renowned musicians in Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and more.


Isidora Edwards is a Chilean cellist, improviser and composer, currently a PhD researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she is actively exploring the ways in which women shape their performative praxis in sound under patriarchal biases. As a soloist and in collaboration with artists from different disciplines and ensembles, she has been part of experimental music and contemporary dance festivals internationally, including Soundtrips NRW, Germany, Dara String Festival, Cologne & Berlin, Dança à Deriva ,Brazil, Gráfica Génesis Series ,Costa Rica, Ende Tymes Festival of Noise New York, Suture Soven, Soven, Iklectik Ballistik, London, WinterSound Festival, Canterbury. Isidora holds a MMus in Creative Practice from Goldsmiths and is a music performer graduated from the PUC Music Institute, Chile. To date she lives in London with her son Nicanor and is an ANID Becas Chile scholarship holder.


RUBBISH MUSIC is the duo of London-based composers and field recordists Kate Carr and Iain Chambers. The pair are interested in using sound to investigate the journeys, transformations and impacts of our discarded objects. Using our worn out treasures, empty vessels and broken devices as an orchestra of vivid musique concrète materials we examine the worlds we make and destroy via our rubbish. With our toolkit of rusty bells, dirty oven grills, onion skins, toilet plungers, wine bottles, nasal spray and a squeaky chicken toy, we seek to imagine some of the journeys, transformations and decompositions our discarded items embark upon.


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24th January 2023
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Cafe Oto


cafe oto