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En una solo toma: Salomé Voegelin

7th December 2022 - 7th March 2023

"En una sola toma. Una serie de podcasts con Lena Ortega. Salome Voegelin" with a photo of salome

'En una solo toma, is a  podcast show hosted by sound artist, curator, and researcher, Lena Ortega. This program addresses different perspectives on sound; which is why it uses guests with diverse profiles. In these podcasts, in addition to presenting the work of the artists and making visible their situation in the art and music circuit; sound pieces themselves are presented, containing unpublished sound products in some cases.

According to Lena Ortega, we always try to make what we do fit into something, we seek to fit into the hegemonic discourse that largely configures and limits what we can imagine, produce, legitimize... However, it is possible to get out of there, invent other ways, open other perspectives. The  podcast  series In a single take brings together afternoon improvisations, text scores, spontaneous field recordings, sound drifts. We'll be featuring sounds whose exposure/release is not predetermined or perhaps produced with less deliberate creativity. In the sound capsules we have invited the participants to make a mix under the theme Your Impossible  with sounds from other colleagues, thus amplifying the plurality of voices.

For the sixth and final session, which you can listen to on both the CCEMx Spotify and YouTube accounts, we will have Salomé Voegelin. 

Salomé Voegelin is an artist and writer who works with the relational capacity of sound to develop different and plural possibilities of knowledge. She writes essays and texts-writing for performances and publications. Among her books are Listening to Noise and Silence (2010), The Political Possibility of Sound (2018) and Sonic Possible Worlds (2014); which was republished in a second revised edition in 2021 to broaden the discussion of possible worlds to the sonic possibility and impossibility of the body, to create a different body from its sound: Hearing the Continuum Between Plural Bodies; between humans, humanoid aliens, monsters, vampires, plants, things and whatever we don't yet have a name for but a sonic philosophy might start to hear and call out. His forthcoming book Uncurating: Knowledge with Voice and Hands (2022) foregrounds the perfidy of norms and engages with the curatorial as a colonial knowledge project, whose economy of exploitation traces a straight line from the Enlightenment desire for objectivity. , going through sugar, cotton and tobacco; to the violence of contemporary art, passing through the lives lost and the money earned.

Voegelin's practice works through participatory, collective and community approaches. She discredits curatorial conventions through performance, and pursues sound pedagogies that disturb the lines of knowledge from an uncertain and plural listening. She is Professor of Sound at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. And she is the PI (Principal Investigator) of Listening across DisciplinesII, LxDII, a research project that systematically investigates the potential of listening as a legitimate and reliable methodology for research in the arts and humanities, science, social sciences, and technology, and directs the Sounding Knowledge Network, which conducts multidisciplinary research on auditory teaching and learning.

Lena Ortega  (aka Leena Lee)  is a sound artist, researcher, designer and teacher. Her line of research explores the intersections between nature and culture. She is a member of the Art + Science research group at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has done research / production residencies in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Finland  as well as participated in national and international exhibitions. She has published articles in design and philosophy collective books. She hosts  Without Surface, the skin is not the limit , a radio program dedicated to acoustic ecology , sound art  and experimental music.' Read more here


7th December 2022
7th March 2023


Centro Cultural de España en México


Centro Cultural de España en México