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PhD Webinar – “Mapping Experiences of inner sound” by Victoria Karlsson

16th April 2020 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

A person seated with their eyes closed and a second person standing behind them with their hands on their shoulders and their head by their ear

Join the UAL Post-Grad Community in this 40 minute webinar presenting the work of UAL PhD Victoria Karlsson.

Mapping Experiences of inner sound

This presentation will give overview of the research area and research question through discussing the practical work created as part of the PhD. The research focuses on ‘inner sounds’ – sounds we hear as part of our inner world of thoughts, ideas and emotions. The focus of the research on sounds in our mind raises several interesting questions:

Can we really hear in our mind, without our ears? What role does sounds play in our thought process, if any? How can we communicate and discuss sounds we only hear in our own mind? Why do we often consider sounds we hear in our mind as dangerous?

I have approached many of these questions through creating pieces of practical work to explore them. The work came out of various difficulties and obstacles in my research journey, and I am interested in how they provide a different approach to answering questions/gaining knowledge. More often than not, they also raise more questions than they answer. I will use the practical pieces as a starting point to discuss different aspects of my research on ‘inner sounds’, and how the practical works allows me to explore the topic in different ways.


About Victoria

Victoria Karlsson is a London based sound artist, interested in the interested in the emotional and subjective aspects of sound. Investigating sound as both an inner and outer experience, she explores how we think about, remember, dream about sounds, and how this influences our experiences of sounds in our everyday. Her work spans a variety of media and contexts, such as performance, compositions, installation and graphic scores. Her practice-based PhD investigates ‘inner sounds’ – sounds we hear within our inner worlds of thoughts, emotions and desires.


16th April 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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