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Unfolding Narratives 2

8th March 2021 - 8th May 2021

A collage of multicoloured shapes and cuttings of the artists works

Unfolding Narratives 2

A virtual exhibition at UAL


Unfolding Narratives 2 is the second work-in-progress exhibition for PhD students at London College of Communication (LCC), and demonstrates a range of concepts, methods and forms across various stages of the doctoral academic journey.

CRiSAP PhD student Victoria Karlsson presents ‘Sonic Contagion’ and ‘telesonic transmission’

‘In Sonic Contagion, I explore the body and mind as affected and infected by our own inner sounds and those of others – its movements and responses only partially within our control.’

‘TeleSonic Transmission further builds on my practice and takes inspiration from Lisa Blackman’s Immaterial Bodies, which suggests that ‘television was considered by psychic researchers to be an occult domestic medium that allowed clairvoyance to increase across distances.’

Artists: Victoria Karlsson, Manuel Francisco Sousa, Boyi Sun (Betsy), April (Meichen) Lu, Elin Karlsson, Paul Jackson, Judah Attille.

Visit the exhibition on the UAL website here


Image credit: Jens Wolter