Mark Peter Wright

Dr. Mark Peter Wright

Post-doctoral Researcher 'Listening across Disciplines II'

CRiSAP Member (2019 – present)


Mark Peter Wright is an artist-researcher working at the intersection of sound, ecology and contemporary art. His practice investigates relations of capture and mediation between humans and nonhumans, sites and technologies, observers and subjects. Ongoing questions include how does environmental sound convey complex geopolitical meaning? How can technology and media be practiced with an eco-critical sensitivity and how might listening operate beyond the human?

As an associate lecturer on the BA and MA Sound Arts courses he has significant experience in designing and leading teaching via lectures, workshops and seminars. He is interested in stress testing listening as a critical, imaginative and interpretive methodology, both in and out of the field; how it can become an operative mode of meaning-making and knowledge production. He supervises projects across all levels of teaching and learning, including undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. He has delivered extensive public events and workshops for organizations and institutes in the UK and abroad. Public conference speaking experience includes presenting research papers at Harvard University (USA), University of Copenhagen (DK), Critical Media Lab (CH), University of Stavanger (NO) and Wellcome Collection (UK). Peer reviewed articles include writing for Interference Journal, Leonardo Music Journal, Evental Aesthetics Journal, Sensate Journal and the Journal of Sonic Studies.

As a practitioner he has exhibited and performed widely in solo and group exhibitions at IMT Gallery, Platform A, MIMA, New York Public Library, The Showroom, Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, Café Oto, Catalyst Arts, GV Art, Royal Academy of the Arts, TATE and Trinity House Square Dublin. In addition to his own practice-based research Wright collaborates extensively. With Helena Hunter he works under the name Matterlurgy, combining art, science and technology projects across exhibitions, performance and experimental co-labs. With Prof. Salomé Voegelin he co-convenes Points of Listening, a series of public events exploring listening and sound-making as a collaborative and artful form of pedagogy. With Prof. Angus Carlyle he works on projects and performances that explore the relations of listening and recording, nature and aesthetics, site and studio.

A man catching something in the air, on a beach


Wright is the current post-doctoral researcher on the AHRC funded project Listening Across Disciplines II (CRiSAP, University of the Arts London). Prior to this he completed a Leverhulme Artist in Residence Fellowship with Dr. Michael Gallagher at Manchester Metropolitan University (2017/18), exploring sound listening and the possibility of ‘sensational pedagogy’ in collaboration Dr. David Rousell, Biosocial Research Lab, MMU. He received a PhD in Sound Arts (AHRC funded) from CRiSAP (UAL) in 2015.