Matías Rodríguez-Mouriño

Matías Rodríguez-Mouriño

Visiting Researcher



Matías (he/him) is a Galician post-doctoral fellow interested in Sound Studies from an intersectional and multispecies perspective. BA in Art History, and PhD in Philosophy, he has worked and taught at the universities of Santiago de Compostela, UNED, and Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), and is the sole author of about thirty scientific publications, having participated in as many conferences and seminars in different countries.

In 2023, he co-curated, along Christian Alonso, the exhibition Afectes sònics: Art sonor i expansió de la percepció at Lleida’s La Panera.

As a result of winning the CGAC Essay Prize on Contemporary Art in 2021, he has published O menor: Procesos a-significantes na arte contemporánea (2024).

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Research Project

Forensic Curatorship: Sound Art, Ruin and the Climate Emergency (1990-2026)

“Forensic Curatorship: Sound Art, Ruin, and the Climate Emergency (1990-2026)” aims to study the relationship between sound art and ruin in the context of the climate emergency in which we live, under the supervision of Prof. Salomé Voegelin. Thus, from a historical methodology and an intersectional perspective, its object is to study the practices that, since the first IPCC Assessment Report in 1990, have used sound as an artistic medium. We’ll do that along three main lines: a) ruined instruments that speak to us about wars, lost memories, past collapses that place us before uncertain futures; b) ongoing collapses and disappeared worlds: field recordings of now extinct species, obsolete audio formats, the sounds of “petromasculinities”, industrial debris or nuclear waste; and c) critical fabulation and expanded memories: the imagination of collapse, sonification of climate data, sonification of ruin, etc.


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