Milo Taylor

Milo Taylor

Course Leader BA (Hons) Sound Arts & Design

PhD Student (2005 - 2010)


Course Leader BA Sound Arts & Design, London College of Communication. Previously Senior Lecturer: Digital Music and Sound Art, University of Brighton. Studied at London College of Communication. Research fellow at Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Has participated at Opensound Project. With Audiolab (ES) and Apo33, Nantes, France.  Has developed the project A History of Sound Art, an online database with the historical refenceres of the media towards a contemporary sound phenomena based in technologies development. The project has been selected by ISEA 2014 Committee to be part of the preliminiar programme, Curating Sound Art.

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ImMApp: An immersive database of sound art

The ImMApp (Immersive Mapping Application) thesis addresses contemporary and historical sound art from a position informed by, on one hand, post-structural critical theory, and on the other, a practice-based exploration of contemporary digital technologies (MySQL, XML, XSLT, X3D). It proposes a critical ontological schema derived from Michel Foucault's Archaeology of Knowledge (1972) and applies this to pre-existing information resources dealing with sound art.

Read the full abstract and PhD here.