Julia Schauerman

Julia Schauerman

PhD Student

2022 - current


Julia Schauerman is an electroacoustic composer, improviser and community artist. Her work has been presented internationally, including Mexico, Canada and Norway.

Julia’s interests include composing ecologically themed works and exploring the use of electroacoustic techniques within community arts practice. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity at the University of York, where she is collaborating with LCAB researcher Theo Tomking on a work about sustainable food production. In February 2023, Julia will conduct research for the Music Mind Machine research centre at The University of Sheffield, in collaboration with Sheffcare Ltd, on the use of acousmatic storytelling, a type of electroacoustic composition, as a participatory music making activity for people living with dementia, this has just been awarded a small Knowledge Exchange grant.

Collaboration is central to Julia’s practice; she has been involved in over 30 collaborations within the last 2 years and works closely with digital art group Genetic Moo.

She completed a Composition MA, with distinction, at The University of Sheffield in 2021.

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Composing Acousmatic Stories: Hybrid strategies for exploring change, crisis and community through collaborative creative practice

Julia is proposing a new and potentially valuable method for creative practice to understand, reflect upon, and communicate major issues in this time of political and environmental challenge.

Acousmatic storytelling is a way of telling stories that uses recorded spoken word set within composed sound scenes that evoke specific places and time periods. Composer Panos Amelides introduced it as a new medium for historical representation in 2016.

Julia proposes that the supple nature of the acousmatic story is ideally suited to the profound challenge of telling climate crises stories. Her research will explore the exciting possibilities of this hugely under researched method of creative practice, dramatically expanding the notion of what it is.