Julie Groves

Julie Groves

PhD Student

2013 - current

Coming from a career as a professional musician, Julie’s creative practice research addresses sound art as a form of performance. It draws on philosophy (Sartre; Merleau-Ponty), her experiences of performance practice as a musician and on her creative practice. She completed her Masters in Sound Art at London College of Communication with distinction in 2012 and is also a conservatoire-trained and practicing musician.
Julie’s creative practice explores the experiential intimacies of performance which are generated in the space between participants - between performer and audience - negotiating the criticality of the space that lies between protagonists as a means of creating new discourse.
The Other’s Other is a term Julie has developed within her research to encompass and discuss the intwined relationships we experience as audiences; as performers and as both of these at once.

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Physical Composition - Investigating the notion of the “physical” as a compositional tool by defining the term and its use through creative practice.


Julie's work explores the notions of performance and audience-ship; physicality and intimacy; subjectivity and the personal. Interests lie in the pertinence of the voice and body for perception - with a compositional approach tending towards ‘true’, real, visceral moments in time.

Within her work, sound is manifest in structure and shape, manipulated within forms that are both visual and architectural. Sound and the audience’s body in space are physically composed and brought to a palpable, rather than purely disembodied and intellectual, fore.