Berlin Lokal Zeit

Berlin Lokal Zeit

Peter Cusack

2020 - 2021

From the first lockdown in spring 2020 Peter has been one of around 20 artists and scientists observing how urban space in Berlin is changing under the influence of the pandemic. The multi-layered project is entitled Berlin Lokal Zeit and is a collaboration with the CLB Galerie Berlin. The changes have been documented as notes, photographs, audio recordings and videos, which were archived, shared and discussed online using social media. As the gallery has been closed for significant periods this material has been the basis for a varied program experienced in the form of city sound walks, historical explorations, window and pavement actions and performances, web links, perception experiments, radio broadcasts, online streaming and much more.

Full information of the project and other participants, including Sam Auinger, katrinem, Udo Noll, Dietmar Offenhuber, Sven Sappelt, CLB Galerie Berlin, is at 

The project continues to evolve and plans into the future are being discussed. Sound walks, audio streaming installations and performances entitled Sounding Berlin, took place during Oct 2021 at the CLB Galerie Berlin when, for the first time, real audiences were able to attend.

Peter's contributions have been through local sound walks (online maps, guided walks), micro-musical interventions, recordings, audio streams and as a voice in the discussion. Berlin Lokal Zeit has given Peter a much needed collaborative focus for a long series of projects that explore our relationships with the sound environments of familiar territories – The Favourite Sounds Project (1998 onwards), Berlin Sonic Places events and publication (2012, 2017), 5 Pankow Soundwalks (2019), Sounding Linz (2020), recent audio streaming experiments in urban (mostly, but not exclusively) locations where listening offers a different and valuable perspective on significant human/non-human interactions in the anthropocene age.

Images of the Bernau wind farm << Download the Bernau Wind Farm overview online recordings >>

Map showing the sound walk route from point number 13 to 27. The route spans 3 blocks wide, 1 block high, and is 1 block away from the Moritzplatz metro station

Images and video from the Berlin lokal zeit soundwalk in a Hinterhöfe

<< Download the Moritzplatz soundwalk part2 map >>

a red fence into a residential courtyard by night

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