Berlin Sonic Places

Berlin Sonic Places

Research Project

2011 - Current

Peter Cusack

Project supported by DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program

The project Klang Orte Berlin/Berlin Sonic Places was initiated and curated by Peter Cusack during his residency for the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program July 2011 to July 2012 to explore the importance of sound in the urban context and how it is affected by city planning and development. Reconstruction and development projects of every size and purpose have been a fact of Berlin life since reunification. It is a particularly relevant, and fascinating, city to illuminate the issues.

From January to September 2012 Berlin Sonic Spaces brought together the perspectives of different interest groups – local and international artists, architects/planners, sociologists, musicians, residents, administrators, communities and the public – for a wide ranging dialogue on the city’s changing soundscape.


Three themed modules were set up in three Berlin locations – Prenzlauerberg, Rummelsburg, Tempelhof Airfield – chosen for the types of development that they exemplify. A series of research and sound arts projects were commissioned in each, leading to three one-day events where the work was presented in public as installations, performances, panels, talks and open discussions. Themes included the effect of social changes on city sound environments, methodologies to study urban sound in the context of planning and city soundscapes of the future.


As an additional perspective Berlin Sonic Places also conducted a series of interviews with participants and others actively interested in the urban sound environment.



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