Birds I wouldn’t have heard

Birds I wouldn’t have heard


John Wynne and Tim Wainwright


Birds I wouldn't have heard is a 90-minute multichannel video and sound installation created for Science Gallery London in 2019 with materials collected as part of the Transplant and Life project at the Hunterian Museum in 2017. John's collaborative partner Tim Wainwright died from pancreatic cancer shortly after they were commissioned by the Science Gallery, and John completed the work himself after discussions with Tim in his final days.

This work conveys the impact of disease and organ transplantation on the daily lives and identity of recipients, live donors, and those on the waiting list. It weaves still and moving images, voice and field recordings to explore the breadth and depth of emotions and experiences encountered while the artists were in-residence at the Royal Free and Harefield Hospitals, both world-leading centres for organ transplants.

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