Ethics of Listening

Ethics of Listening

Peer-reviewed essay

2011 & 2012

Salomé Voegelin

Journal of Sonic Studies

This 2500-word peer-reviewed essay explores the idea of listening to possible worlds. It is a further development of a keynote paper given at the ‘Sound Art Theories’ conference at the Arts Institute of Chicago (November 2011) and from a presentation given at Milton Keynes Gallery about the construction of possible worlds in Clare Gasson’s sound work (February 2012), as well an article on Morton Feldman written as an ‘Epiphany’ for the Wire 324 (February 2011).

Together these outputs will contribute to Voegelin’s forthcoming book, 'Sonic Possible Worlds: Hearing the Continuum of Sound', to be published by Continuum Press, NY in 2014.


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