Go live in the middle of nowhere obviously

Go live in the middle of nowhere obviously


By Mark Peter Wright

Hyperobjects, Catalyst Arts, Belfast


This installation was part of the group exhibition ‘Hyperobjects,’ Catalyst Arts, Belfast, 2019. It draws attention to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), a condition that effects humans and nonhumans and is claimed to be a consequence of electronic devices such as phones, televisions and wi-fi. Electromagnetic fields emitted from technologies and digital infrastructures can reportedly produce symptoms such as burning sensations, chronic fatigue and nausea. As yet there is no official acceptance of the condition within scientific or medical disciplines.

The work asks when might ambience be considered toxic? What signs do bodies signal when the noise of environmental pollution becomes too much? How can art practice translate and transform that which is felt? Set within a system of live amplified feedback and a diorama of related objects and materials, the installation draws attention to the inaudible and invisible effects of anthropogenic activity and the palimpsest of relations found within the margins of bodies, health and hearing.

Installed as part of the group exhibition, Hyperobjects, Catalyst Arts, Dublin

Unlikley Journal – forthcoming article

a microphone stand with cables and a tv screen on the wall with white text on pink, reading " A CERTAIN % OF RADIATION IS ABSORBED BY THE USERS HEAD"
a white floor with a photograph of a forrest underneath the foot of a microphone stand
A white floor with a pot plant, audio cable, speaker and small tray of stones

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