Here are some scores for you to do

Here are some scores for you to do


27 and 28 September 2014

Cathy Lane, Holly Ingleton and Irene Revell

With funding from Creative Vouchers / AHRC

A collaboration between Electra and CRiSAP

An intensive weekend-long exploration of the feminist performance score through a number of modalities including reading, listening, watching, discussion, play and performance. An event departing from materials in the Her Noise Archive.

The avant-garde score, deriving instruction for performance from the toss of a dice, the I Ching, a series of notes or a text, can be seen as a basis for 'free' composition based upon utopian and emancipatory ideals. While the sonic results of an open work could be appreciated as 'randomly generated', 'natural' or spontaneous, in fact the outcome may be tightly regulated by the specific political economy of the compositional structure. This intensive workshop, occurring over two days, seeks to examine some of the ways in which the feminist performance score may operate through and produce alternative logics, examining the processes and outcomes that set the feminist score apart from traditional processes embedded within the avant-garde open score.

The workshop will investigate works such as Pauline Oliveros' To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation (1970) and Annea Lockwood's Piano Transplants (1968-), among other more recent scores and related texts, recordings and moving image, across multiple generations, and through collaboration between attendees, seek to experience the feminist score as a social event. The workshop derives its title from the introduction to Alison Knowles and Annea Lockwood's self-published 'Womens Work', which gathered in its two volumes of 1975 and 1978, performance scores by a diverse range of women practitioners from Simone Forti to Christina Kubisch.

The workshop is organised by Cathy Lane, Co-Director CRiSAP, and Holly Ingleton with Electra. It is open to everyone, with no particular musical, or other, experience required, on a first-come-first-served basis, and includes lunch and refreshments on both days.

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Image: Still from Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of their Desperation, 2013. Performers: Rachel Aggs, Peaches, Catriona Shaw, Verity Susman, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, William Wheeler.


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