I, the Thing in the Margins

I, the Thing in the Margins

Solo Exhibition

By Mark Peter Wright

IMT Gallery


I, the Thing in the Margins was a solo exhibition by Wright exploring “silent” histories of nature and environmental sound recordists. Through performance, sound and assemblage the show was built around a chimeric persona; part human, part animal, part microphone; some thing that haunts the signal of media documentary practice. It asked what identity might lurk in the margins of sound capture and the hiss of self-noise? The central image from the exhibition appropriates frame 352 from the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, in which the famed mythos cypto-character looked back into the cameras gaze.

The work was first installed as part of a solo exhibition at IMT Gallery, 2015. Exhibition reviews can be read here:

The project continues to iterate over various platforms including writing and academic presentation:

a person in a furry suit sat infront of an amplifyer, with a microphone on the wall, under a green light

Super Unhomely, installation view.

A microphone insect sculpture sat on a panel of acoustic foam - under a bright green light

Humanimentical Prototype, detail.

A long thin microphone with wire 'legs' against a green background

Humanimentical Prototype, detail.

A camouflage net handing over a speaker on a bright green wall

Contact Zone #2, installation view

A person walking through a forrest in a white fluffy suit

I, the Thing in the Margins, deluxe C-type print

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