Louder Whisper

Louder Whisper

Online Exhibition

2011 - 2023

Curated by Meena Vari


An online exhibition curated by Meena Vari for CRiSAP.

The exhibition brings together a collection of sound narratives that identifies with Michel de Certeau’s idea that orality is everywhere. Orality has an extraordinary capacity to extend its reach beyond words and languages, and this compilation is an exploration of this rich, varied and intangible territory. Certeau brilliantly says that there is life when places of speech exist in any form and it continues to do so in various forms and function. This collection is an attempt to highlight the fact that conversations somehow or the other will make its way into each and every aspect of life, situations and without being noticed contribute to a change/reform and/or revolution. Nine artists practicing and living in India, through the medium of sound present their interpretations; it ranges from coded sounds, dialogues, conflicting messages, and intimate conversation.

Artists / Musicians: Ayisha Abraham, Abhishek Hazra, Yashas Shetty, Murali Cheeroth, Indu Antony, Jasmeen Patheja, Prayas Abhinav and diF (Ish S +Konrad Bayer).


After a 12 year run, the exhibition was finally taken offline in April 2023. An archive record of the exhibition is being created and will be shared online later in 2023.

Louder Whisper is part of an ongoing collaboration between CRiSAP and CEMA (Centre for Experimental Media Arts) , Srishti School of Arts, Design and Technology.


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