Matterlurgy Collaboration

Matterlurgy Collaboration

Matterlurgy is an ongoing collaboration between Wright and artist Helena Hunter. Their work critically explores the intersections of art and ecology through interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists, technologists and communities. They have produced projects that address flooding, land degradation, air pollution and climate modelling. Site-based works have been located in a hydropower station, disused steelworks, a laboratory for ice simulation, an abandoned copper mine and museum collections. Working with scientists from Royal Holloway University of London, University College London, Kings College London, University of Cambridge they have produced exhibitions and installations, performance, film and sound works. These have been shown at Tate Modern, Raven Row Gallery, Baltic Arts Centre, ICA, The Showroom Gallery, Delfina Foundation and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.



A microphone on a stand pointed at a stone. Trailing cables with additional stones across the image

This Debris Tells a Story, installation view, Showroom Gallery

5 bright panel lights pointed towards a plastic object, with plastic sheets around the side

Rehearsals for Uncertain Futures, film still, Geohumanities

a bass drum on a stand in a room with a projection and equipment in the background

Flom Sang, installation view.

Two people looking at digital screens showing bright pink and blue squares

Cabinets of Consequence, installation view

An electronic chip board half submerged in earth

Cabinets of Consequence, Installation detail, Octagon Gallery UCL

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