Networked Migrations

Networked Migrations

Research Project

2012 - Ongoing

Ximena Alarcón


Networked Migrations explores the ‘in-between’ sonic space that exists within the context of migration, through Deep Listening and improvisatory performances across and through the Internet, in order to expand the perceived spaces that inform the migratory experience. Participants in distant locations followed a process of listening meditations, Chi Kung, dreamwork, voice improvisation, field-recording and collaborative work, concluding in real-time Telematic Sonic Performances using high quality audio streaming.

In Letters and Bridges, a performance which took place between the cities of Leicester and Mexico on 12 March 2012, six migrants from around the world explored feelings by reading aloud old letters sent by loved ones and new letters that they had written to each other, extending the sonorities and experiences of their migrations in a multilingual exchange. A group from the audience, in each city, improvised with words and sounds, offering context from the cities where the performance took place.

In Migratory Dreams, on 3 August 2012 four Colombians in London and four Colombians in Bogotá explored physical spaces manifested in dreams. They used their voices and pre-recorded sounds, opening space of healing for their varied experiences of geographical dislocation. The performance brought global audiences through the Internet broadcast via Resonance FM.

Related outputs include an exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, London, which explored connectedness between visitors’ dreams and their migrations; a one-hour radio program about the creation of Migratory Dreams, broadcast on Latin Waves, a Resonance FM programme; and a broadcast feature in the festival La Semana del Sonido (Mexico-Colombia).

Research aspects such as the virtual fields, connectedness, Deep Listening, interfaces and embodiment, have been presented respectively at the In the Field Symposium 2013, the Remote Encounters conference 2013, the Deep Listening: Art/Science conference 2013, the TaPRA conference 2013, Vs Interpretation Symposium 2014, Performing Mobile Identities Conference 2014, Sonorities Festival Fractured Narratives Symposium 2015, and Irish Sound Science and Technology Association ISST Conference 2015.

Publications include Telematic Embodiments: improvising via Internet in the context of migration (2015), in Vs. Interpretation: An Anthology on Improvisation, Networked Migrations: listening to and performing the in-between space, (2014) in Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies.


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