Sound Escapes

Sound Escapes


25 July - 15 August 2009

Curated by Angus Carlyle and Irene Revell

Produced by Electra at  SPACE

Sound Escapes was an exhibition to mark the culmination of one dimension of a radical interdisciplinary research project Positive Soundscapes which sought to explore how the conventional emphasis on noise as negative environmental sound could be shifted towards an approach to identifying positive aspects of our 'soundscape'.


Alongside graphic interpretations of the central research strands of the project, the exhibition includes artists who work with soundscapes across a wide range of practices and whose work is in conversation with the scientific and sociological questions posed in the research. Significantly, the works have emerged from a listening process that challenges what counts as positive; understands the auditory world in a more inquisitive way and, indeed, even interrogate what counts as sound.


Artists: Peter Cusack, Simon Elvins, Federation Internationale des Chasseurs de Sons, Nikolaus Gansterer, Stephen Gill, Dan Holdsworth, Jacob Kirkegaard, Camille Norment, Dawn Scarfe and Thomson & Craighead.

Photographs by Nicholaus Gangsterer

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