Sound Traces

Sound Traces

Online Exhibition

2009 - 2023

Curated by David Toop

An online exhibition curated by David Toop for CRiSAP, exploring the legacy of London Musicians Collective Archive (LMC).

The LMC was founded in the mid-1970s by a small group of experimental and improvising musicians who wanted to create improved working conditions for themselves. As the LMC established itself it attracted a broad cross-section of musicians, live arts practitioners, instrument inventors, sound poets and sonic artists, many of them searching for radical new directions in performance practice and a means of bypassing the commercial criteria of the music business.

"Music / context" poster from the archive

After a 14 year run, the exhibition was finally taken offline in April 2023. An archive record of the exhibition is being created and will be shared online later in 2023.

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