Sound’s Transversal Breath

‘This short paper aims to bring you into a conversation on the possibility and impossibility of listening together as a listening with: a post-anthropocentric/ post-humanist consideration of perception as the generation of relationships, as sensing with, rather than a hearing/seeing of. The ideas presented emerge on the one hand from PoL (Points of Listening), a series of events co-convened by the speakers since 2014, which focuses on listening as an investigative lens on collective, communal and participatory practices.

Discussing some of the listening done together in the context of PoL we will reflect, in hindsight, on the status of the of and the with in its practices. Further, and on the other hand, this paper also draws on one of the speaker’s, Mark Peter Wrights’s, forthcoming book Listening After Nature (Bloomsbury 2022), and tries to practice what the other, Salomé Voegelin, terms a transversal sound studies: a sound studies that does not outline one discipline but practices an interloping of ears everywhere.’

Airy En­coun­ters: Res­pi­ra­tory Phi­los­o­phy and Sound Arts Symposium

‘In the symposium, we will investigate philosophically, artistically, practically and experientially how the questions of breath, sound, voice, listening and the atmosphere of air as an environment can inspire us to think, create and experience the world in new ways. This will be a gathering of philosophers, scholars and artists with academic presentations, concerts, artistic interventions and workshops. We invite all the participants to join us on this aerial and respiratory journey.’

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