Telematic Sonic Performances

These Telematic Sonic Performances explore contemporary sonic narratives born out of being in the distance, including the phenomena of geographical migration and feelings such as dislocation. It includes improvisatory practice with artists and non-artists. Through improvisation and creative collaborative processes performers and audiences are invited to reflect on connections to the self, to the others and to the environment, derived from the experience of listening and sounding within a place.


Dislocation could be described as the feeling of strangeness (foreign, stranger, out of place), which might take place when experiencing contrasting sound environments, languages, and voices in the landscape, and through memories and dreams, which question our sense of belonging to a place. Dislocation happens in migratory contexts but also dislocation is experienced in our native space, by the strangeness experienced from urban rapid changes, and the behaviour of nature triggered by climate change in our once known environment. Dislocation is proposed here as a creative force to stimulate new narratives and statements of being and place.

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Associated research and events:

  • Bangalore, Aural Transitions. Telematic Sonic Performance (Old Campus – New Campus, Shristi Institute of Art, Design and Technology), 2015 
  • Interstices, Improvised Exploration in dislocated setting (London College of Communication), 2014 

Networked Migrations (Research Project) associated research and events, including:

Collaborators have included:

Migrants, dreamers, poets and sonic experimentalists based at Leicester, London, Mexico, Bogotá, and US. Artists such as Cathy Lane, Thomas Gardner and David Toop. BA Art and Design students from Sristhi Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and the scholar Aileen Blaney. BA Sound Art students from the London College of Communication. Commuters from México and Paris metros. Children from Morelia, México.