The Political Possibility of Sound

The Political Possibility of Sound



Salomé Voegelin

Published by Bloomsbury Academic

The essay is the perfect format for a crisis. Its porous and contingent nature forgives a lack of formality, while its neglect of perfection and virtuosity releases the potential for the incomplete and the unrealizable. These seven essays on The Political Possibility of Soundpresent a perfectly incomplete form for a discussion on the possibility of the political that includes creativity and invention, and articulates a politics that imagines transformation and the desire to embrace a connected and collaborative world.

The themes of these essays emerge from and deepen discussions started in Voegelin's previous books, Listening to Noise and Silence and Sonic Possible Worlds. Continuing the methodological juxtaposition of phenomenology and logic and writing from close sonic encounters each represents a fragment of listening to a variety of sound works, to music, the acoustic environment and to poetry, to hear their possibilities and develop words for what appears impossible.

As fragments of writing they respond to ideas on geography and migration, bring into play formless subjectivities and trans-objective identities, and practice collectivity and a sonic cosmopolitanism through the hearing of shared volumes. They involve the unheard and the in-between to contribute to current discussions on new materialism, and perform vertical readings to reach the depth of sound.


“Her essays touch on political realities: enforced migration; razor wire in the Golan Heights; Obama's authorisation of drone attacks. Yet the imagined worlds of Sun Ra and Ursula Le Guin's science fiction also have a recurrent role. That such seemingly divergent elements should coincide within the political possibility of sound makes this book a stimulating, important and challenging experience.” - The Wire


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