Un-Earthed: A festival of listening and environment

Un-Earthed: A festival of listening and environment 

A critical celebration of our relationships with the environments that we share with other people and other species

Directed by Prof. Cathy Lane
Summer 2020 - Summer 2022

Globally, socially, politically and culturally things are changing faster than we possibly could have imagined. This new reality invites us to reconsider aspects of our lives and our entanglements with every-thing and every-body. 

Un-Earthed:  A  festival of listening and environment was a series of events inviting both serious and more playful interrogations of current sound and listening practices and how they might help us reconsider our evolving relationships with other species, the built environment, truth and each other. 


a coastal landscape of water, cliffs and rock - the image is repeated in layers

Listening After Nature Book Launch

An evening of readings, responses and discussion exploring the themes of the Mark Peter Wright's new book and its core questions.

16 June 2022, 18:00 -  20:00 GMT, Online


To celebrate the launch of Mark Peter Wright's new publication 'Listening After Naturewe were pleased to present an evening of readings, responses and discussion exploring the themes of the book and its core questions.

Invited respondents Rui Chaves and Salomé Voegelin each reflected on the chapters of the book: Recoding the Field; Constructing Nature; Stretching Site and Following the Flow. The event was be introduced by CRiSAP Director Cathy Lane and a panel discussion followed. The book was available to be purchased at a discounted price on the evening of the event.

Read more about the book launch here

Un-Earthed Festival Soundwalks

Two days of soundwalks with Katrinem and Peter Cusack

19 & 20 May 2022, in the local area by London College of Communication

Katrinem's 'Path of Awareness_Elephant and Castle' soundwalk explores an individual’s personal experience of space through walking, particularly the interplay between sound event (footsteps) and surrounding architecture, influenced by the constantly changing interactions in the environment. Artist and researcher Katrinem has been investigating the walkability of cities and its associated spatial perception for over 12 years.

Peter Cusack's 'The Blackfriars Soundwalk' will explore the soundscapes and sonic places either side of the River Thames between Blackfriars and Southwark bridges. The walk seeks to draw some of the complex audible connections between the river, the area’s physical geography, its history and how people use and relate to the locality today. CRiSAP researcher Peter Cusack is a field recordist, musician and researcher with a long interest in the sound environment.

Read more about the Soundwalks here



Wild Energies: Live Materials

A three-day online event focusing on and around the work of artist composer Annea Lockwood
27 - 29 April 2022, Online

Annea Lockwood’s career stretches over seven decades and three continents from her origins in New Zealand to her studies and early artistic career in London in the 1960s and 70s to her current long-term residence in the US. Always ahead of the mainstream, her work is mingled within many histories of sound and musical experimentation

A peer-reviewed selection of international artists and scholars, who responded to a call for works and papers, presented a mix of video, sound, performance, workshops and scholarly papers grouped together under the overarching themes of Rivers & Tributaries; Ecologies & Entanglements; Voice & Intimacy; Collaboration & Care; and Methods & Materials. CRiSAP researchers presented their individual research, and Annea Lockwood was in conversation with fellow artist and friend Hildegard Westerkamp in the Keynote conversation.

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Live Audio Streaming Workshop

Workshop hosted by CRiSAP led by Soundcamp

1 March 2022 at Stave Hill Ecological Park


A practical workshop on how to live stream audio from any location. This workshop is relevant to arts, science and activist projects that could benefit from a real time audio feed.

Soundcamp have put together a very robust and adaptable streaming kit over their many years of work with live audio streaming. These kits can be used with mains power and home internet or with small portable batteries and mobile internet or even solar panels - opening up live streaming to any location and duration. Grant Smith and Dawn Scarfe (Soundcamp) will begin the session with an introduction to Raspberry Pi microcomputers and their wider applications before leading the group through the complete Streambox build. Participants will construct the Streamboxes in small groups, build DIY microphones (low cost, high-quality mics using Primo EM-272 or PUI AOM-5024L-HD-R capsules), connect to the Locus Sonus live streaming website and test out the new Streamboxes. If time allows, we’ll also test streaming across the Ecological Park using the Streamboxes and the free app Locuscast.

Read more about the workshop here


Sound, Art and Urban Spaces

An online symposium

6 October 2021, 3pm - 6pm BST


CRiSAP Presents Sound, Art and Urban Spaces with; Raquel Castro, Founder and Director of Lisboa Soa, Portugal; Fernando Godoy, Director of Tsunami Festival of Sound Art, Chile; Hardi Kurda, Founder and Curator of Space 21, Kurdistan; Gascia Ouzounian, Principal Investigator of SONCITIES and Co-Director of Recomposing the City, UK; and Carsten Seiffarth, Curator of Bonn Hoeren, Germany.

Introduced by Lisa Hall curator of Acts of Air: reshaping the urban sonic and Cathy Lane Director of CRiSAP and Professor of Sound Arts.

In the last year our current online exhibition Acts of Air: Reshaping the urban sonic has had over 1000 visitors and the artworks have been enacted repeatedly by participating audiences. To celebrate and reflect on this we are pleased to invite these acclaimed curators, directors and researchers of long-standing urban sound and arts projects from around the world to discuss the themes that drive their own work and the changing considerations of urban sounding.

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Acts of Air: Reshaping the urban sonic

An online exhibition curated by Lisa Hall  

Exhibition ongoing. Launch events 16 July 2020, 9.00 BST & 20.00 BST. 


Acts of Air invites you to reshape your urban sonic present by enacting these 14 sound works directly in urban spaces. Bringing together artists based around the world, each work invites a sounding out, a performance, a site specific listening or engagement in the streets, under bridges, by water fountains and extractor fans. They offer a means to explore and interrogate our cities of sound, and can be enacted and activated anywhere around the globe.

Artists: Agnes Paz, Anna Lann, Anna Raimondo, Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, Catherine Clover, Cedric Maridet, Colin Priest, Jacek Smolicki, Julieanna Preston, Kate Brown, Raheel Khan, Vagné, Vitório O. Azevedo and Yara Mekawei.

The two online launch events will both include talks by the curator, Lisa Hall, presentations from the artists, plus a live online performance, RMP hums, choral, viral, directed by Julieanna Preston. The performance invites participation - more information will be shared upon RSVP.

Visit the exhibition here

Watch the launch events & performances here


Audio Testimonies

An online Symposium organised in collaboration with Emerge, Bournemouth University, led by Dr Thomas Gardner  and Dr Panos Amelidis

2 & 3 July 2020, 10:00 – 17:00 BST


This symposium considers the place of Audio Testimonies in artistic practice, and will explore the ways in which artists use sound to enable new forms of testimony, and create new artistic configurations, which engage public consciousness.  

Keynote speakers: Amy Wlodarski and John Young 

Audio Testimonies aims to open a discussion on this topic and form the start of a network which will continue exploration of these themes. It will do so through two days of presentations focusing on particular works and via a social activity of collectively making audio testimony. 

Submission for workshop participation has passed, but attendance at the keynote sessions and plenary session will be possible via registration.

Read more about Audio Testimonies here


Image credits. Wild Energies: Image credit: Annea Lockwood's 'Becoming Air / Into the Vanishing Point' on Black Truffle records, image by Karla Pringle. Sound, Art & Urban Spaces: Lisboa Soa festival website, Tsunami Festival of Sound Art wesbite, Space 21 website, SONCITIES website, Recomposing the City website, Bonn Hoeren website, Acts of Air website. Acts of Air: Francesca Oldfield