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Call for Proposals – In the Field 2

Abstract circular sketch with trees on the periphery. Lines leading towards a black centre resembling the middle of a vinyl record or speaker - drawn on old yellowed paper

We invite proposals for papers, workshops, performances, and fixed media works for In The Field 2 – taking place July 5 and 6 2024. Deadline February 6 2024.

SoundCamp 2019 – International Dawn Chorus Day

two tents in a field with trees

Coinciding with International Dawn Chorus Day, SoundCamp is an annual broadcast and listening event at Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe. SoundCamp 2019 features contributions from CRiSAP members and associated artists. With writings by Angus Carlyle and contributions from Completed PhD student Matt Parker and PhD student Dan Scott. SoundCamp is coordinated in London by former CRiSAP PhD researcher Maria Papadomanolaki, Dawn Scarfe (Lecturer on the BA Sound Arts at LCC) and Grant Smith.

Peter Cusack – Pankow Soundwalks

a black and white map of an urban area with a red line

Soundwalks led by Peter Cusack, Udo Noll, Martyna Poznańska, katrinem and Sam Auinger in the Berlin district of Pankow (April, May and June 2019). Cusack’s City Neighbourhood and Communities covers central Pankow from the S & U Station to the Burgerpark.