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Alison Knowles: Sound and Space

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

An exhibition dedicated to the work of Alison Knowles, featuring work by CRiSAP member Salomé Voegelin 'Nivea Cream stück in COVID-19, allein und mit alcagel' (Nivea Cream piece in COVID-19, alone and with alcagel)

Reparative interpellation: public art’s Indigenous and non-human publics


Dylan Robinson will present and share about his current research and creative work in a seminar format. The session will focus particularly on his work on the multiple ways in which public art interpellates viewers as settlers, Indigenous and non-human subjects, and consider how the reparative potential of public art might be re-envisioned through a consideration of Indigenous and non-human publics. The session is also grounded in Dylan’s research on listening positionality.


Sonic Screen


Sonic Screen is an online space for London College of Communication Screen School staff to talk about and share work with colleagues.

Sound Arguments


An innovative laboratory-atelier for creative artists dealing with sound, presented by the Orpheus Institute, Ghent (BE), and ACPA, University of Leiden (NL). Guests for the series will include CRiSAP Director Cathy Lane, Cecilia Arditto, Nicolas Collins, Julia Eckhardt, Sanne Krogh Groth and many others