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Salomé Voegelin at Sonic Topologies

24th June 2022 - 26th June 2022

Sonic Topologies text

CRiSAP Researcher Salomé Voegelin will perform with Magda Drozd in the Sonic Topologies: Sonic Symposium on June 25th – ‘Herbal Auditions’ is a sound performance on healing, health, bodies, plants, and medicine.


Sonic Topologies zurich is a site-specific festival for sound art, acoustic ecology and sonic architecture on June 24—26, 2022


About Sonic Topologies

How many ways are there to listen to a place? Artists, scientists and architects present site-specific concerts, talks and workshops that reveal hidden, overlooked and speculative sounds in the urban landscape. With a stimulating combination of sound art, acoustic ecology and sonic architecture, the festival opens up spaces of shared listening and thinking—across species and disciplinary boundaries.

Opening concert: bodies of water
Friday, june 24, 18:30–20:30 and 20:30–22:30, wasserreservoir lyren
Hidden in the forest, deep underground, lies the largest water reservoir in switzerland. Its immense empty chambers will be opened for our first concert, where the sounds of voices, instruments and on-site field recordings linger in the seemingly endless reverberations

Christian Zehnder /  Ludwig Berger & Fabian Gutscher / Tomoko Sauvage / Saadet Türköz / Hong-kai Wang / Jen Reimer & Max Stein.

Sonic symposium: day one
Saturday, june 25, 09:30–18:45, alter botanischer garten
In the historic botanical garden in the core of the city, artists and scientists present sonic lectures, performances and installations created especially for this location. Through field recordings, spoken words and live performances, they invite us to reflect on the relationship between sound, place and knowledge.

Knowing by ear
Ludwig Berger: sonic topologies
Julian Henriques: sonic ways of knowing
Mélia Roger: intimacy of lichens
Aio Frei & Franziska Koch: listening with a sequence of joint attunement exercises

Sound installations

Joel Berger, Helia Jamshidi, Nathan Loretan, Leslie majer and Qi Wang


Entangled listening
Salomé Voegelin & Magda Drozd: herbal auditions
Banu CIçek Tülü: while rain drops on the lake a botanical sonic experience
Gilles Aubry and Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro: blood on the fruits and blood at the root sonic scapes of swiss decarbonization policies

Listening and knowing
Alexandra Supper: echoes of knowledge

Sound walks and Workshops
Olga Kokcharova: drifting in cycles
Nicola Di Croce: I resonate with atmosphere listening workshop in the environment

Underwater concert: wet sounds
Saturday, june 25, 18:00–20:00 and 20:15–22:00, wärmebad käferberg
Swimming, floating and diving in the warm water of the thermal bath, the audience is enveloped by sounds played by the musicians at the edge of the pool. In a full immersion, our body resonates with musical frequencies and intimate watery soundscapes.

Joel Cahen: frullatore immersione live set
Li Tavor: where is you and how am I to them? Site-specific composition
Perila: immersion live set

Sonic symposium: day two
Sunday, june 26, 09:30–17:00, alter botanischer garten
In walks and workshops in the environment, architects and urbanists make the potential of a sonically designed environment tangible. In the afternoon, we are invited to listen to the songs of trees, the drumming of insects on plants, and explore our sonic relationship with avian city-dwellers.

Sound walks and Workshops
Andres Bosshard: in between architecture a walking lecture
Beat Hohmann, Anna Hool, Simone Mathieu: what matters for the sound quality of urban recreational spaces?Nicola Di Croce: I resonate with atmosphere listening workshop in the environment

Sound Installation

Joel Berger, Helia Jamshidi, Nathan Loretan, Leslie majer and Qi Wang


Interspecies listening
Patricia Jäggi: dawn chorus of an urban island sonic lecture on the local birdscape
Rok Sturm & Juan López: vibroscape—an overlooked world lecture with vibrational recordings of drumming insects
Nadine Schütz: singing trees


Shaping the Invisible
Nicola Di Croce: atmosphere resonates with me lecture-performance on shaping atmosphere through sound

Final concert: acoustique aquatique
Sunday, june 26, 19:00–21:30, lake shore near cassiopeiasteg/rote fabrik
Against the wide horizon of the lake, the festival’s final concert moves from a bay into open waters. The musicians stand in the water and move on boats, sounding out the soundscape with their instruments, while the waves of the lake set the pace.

Tomoko Sauvage: ring lake piece
Fabian Gutscher: boat piece ii
Julian Sartorius & Camille Emaille: drum duo on two boats a percussive exploration of the lake in movement




24th June 2022
26th June 2022




Sonic Topologies
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