Angus Carlyle

Professor Angus Carlyle

Professor of Sound and Landscape

CRiSAP Member (2005 - present)

(2005 – 2017 Co-Director with Prof. Cathy Lane )


Professor Angus Carlyle is a researcher at CRiSAP at the University of the Arts, London, where he is Professor of Sound and Landscape. The title of his Professorship indicates the broad terrain that he is curious about exploring; he is also interested in how sound operates with other media, and how different media forms relate to questions of memory and the potentially productive tensions between the ‘artistic’ and the ‘documentary’. His creative work frequently involves collaboration.

Angus edited the book Autumn Leaves (2007) and co-edited On Listening (2013) and co-wrote In The Field (2013). His art works have included 51° 32 ' 6.954” N / 0° 00 ' 47.0808” W” (part of the Sound Proof group show (2008)), the CD Some Memories of Bamboo (2009) and Acqua Bianca (part of the Caroussa Sonore project, (2012 – 2013)). He completed a sixth month residency project called "Viso Come Territorio" / "Face As Territory" exploring life in a village on a Southern Italian hillside and the ongoing work from this project has become a flag, some field signals and, most importantly, a film collaboration with Chiara Caterina.

His most important work, Air Pressure, is another collaboration – this time with anthropologist Rupert Cox - and led to an installation (part of the Asia Triennial Manchester), a CD/booklet and a film which has toured internationally. Cox and Carlyle are starting to develop a new project based on the island of Okinawa.

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