Sounding Knowledge

Sounding Knowledge Network

AHRC Network Research Project (2022-2023)

This network will establish Sonic Pedagogy and the practice of Aural Literacy as modes of teaching and learning. Led by Principle Investigator (PI) Prof. Salomé Voegelin and Co-Investigator (CoI) Dr. Werner Friedrichs.

Sounding Knowledge Network aims to conceptualise and establish Sonic Pedagogy to address the underrepresentation of sound within education and to contribute to teaching and learning through sensory and embodied experiences.

Sounding Knowledge responds to the visuo-centrism of conventional educational methods and the resulting lack of participative and embodied learning opportunities. It does so by investigating the potential of a Sonic Pedagogy that promotes and practices embodied, sensory and tacit learning possibilities, which are able to nurture a sensational dimension in education that can engage students within the classroom as well as the complex socio-political environments we live in (Ebner, 2019). Read more about Sounding Knowledge.


The project will create an international network of specialists from the fields of Music, Sound Art and Sound Theory, Education Studies and Pedagogy, especially Civic Education, to conduct a multidisciplinary investigation of auditory teaching and learning. It is a led by Prof. Salomé Voegelin (PI) and Dr. Werner Friedrichs (CoI), with Early Career Researchers Dr. Kevin Logan and Dr. Kerstin Meißner and project coordinator Dr. Timothy Smith.


The network will be realised through a series of events: two online Sonic Pedagogy workshops that will explore and develop 'positionalities', comparing methods, aims and methodologies to find the problems and promises of a Sonic Pedagogy; and two in-person Aural Literacy workshops that will focus on creating and applying a pedagogic toolkit.


A series of podcasts from the workshops will be broadcast on radio and online, the Sonic Pedagogy Toolkit will be realised as a Zine-Workbook published in print and online, and the insights of the network will be further shared in two peer-reviewed articles and a conference presentation.