Sounding Knowledge: Events

Sounding Knowledge Network

AHRC Network Research Project (2022-2023)


The Sounding Knowledge Network will be realised through five events:

  • Two initial online meetings - to exchange expertise and methods.
  • Two offline Aural Literacy workshops - to create, test and apply Sonic Pedagogy in the form of a toolkit which, as Zine-Workbook, which will be available online and in print to be used as a manual for teaching and learning from sound.
  • One final reflective online meeting - to evaluate possibilities for transfer and impact.

These events will be shared publicly in a series of podcasts - broadcast on Resonance FM (UK) and Cashmere Radio (Germany), and published online here.


Online Meetings

Taking place during September and October 2022 these meetings will explore positionalities of the practical and theoretical frameworks of sound in education, and education through sound, presentations, exchanges of good practice and discussion. The development of these positionalities will be through collective evaluating strategies, technologies, methods as well as consequences of Aural Literacy to create a shared understanding of Sonic Pedagogy that is able to respond to low educational attainment and high exclusion rates, which especially affect already marginalised communities, and have an effect on social, economic and civic participation.

Salomé Voegelin, Werner Friedrichs, Kevin Logan, Kerstin Meißner, Abigail Hirsch, Michael Gallagher, Lisa Hall, Edder Wiliams, Mark Peter Wright, Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt, meLê yamomo, Markus Gloe, Maria Westvall, Suvani Suri, Elsa M´bala and Nicole Furlonge. (Bios)

Meeting 1: Exploring Positionalities

Exchanging expertise, methods and tools through presentations and discussion, to find the problems and promises of a Sonic Pedagogy.

Meeting 2: Developing Positionalities

Focusing on methodologies of teaching and learning through plenum discussions and breakout sessions, comparing methods, aims, methodologies.

Aural Literacy Workshops

Two Aural Literacy workshops will be held, one in Germany (December 2022) and one in the UK (February 2023). The sessions will design, apply and test non-visual teaching and learning modes via listening and sounding, to confirm the cross-disciplinary educational scope of sound, and engage, through practice, the socio-cultural implications of its sensory and embodied learning.

Salomé Voegelin, Werner Friedrichs, Kevin Logan, Kerstin Meißner, Abigail Hirsch, Michael Gallagher, Lisa Hall,  Hannah Kemp-Welch, Holger Schulze, Jonathan Prior, Marcus Wachter, Mariam Rezaei, Paul Stan Nataraj, Steffen Pelzel, Selmar Schülein and Yossa Peit.

Workshop 1: Creating Tools - Transdisciplinary working

Working groups will be arranged around the two main questions for the designing of a Sonic Pedagogy toolkit: 'How to do things with Education/Pedagogy?' (led by Education Researchers); and 'How to do things with Sound?' (Led by Sound Artists)

Workshop 2: Application of the Tools

Testing and application of the toolkit; exploring further possibilities and future developments.

Virtual Reflection Online Meeting

This online meeting will be held in Spring 2023 to interpret the insights gained and to refine the sustainable impact of the research: assessing consequences against aims and planning future research and impact potential.


These events will be shared publicly in a series of podcasts, shared on Resonance FM (UK), Cashmere Radio (Germany) and online here.