Sounding Knowledge: News

Sounding Knowledge Network

AHRC Network Research Project (2022-2023)


UAL Teaching Conference 2022

The PI, Salomé Voegelin was delighted to be able to present the project at this year’s UAL Teaching Conference which took place on the 11. And 12 July 2022.

This paper with performance element introduces the ‘Sounding Knowledge Network’, an AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council UK) funded network project that responds to the visuo-centrism of conventional educational methods and the resulting lack of participative and embodied learning opportunities. The paper part will articulate the motivation and aims of the project, while its performative element will practically speculate on its methods. The objective is to introduce Sonic Pedagogy as a transversal practice that uses embodied, sensory and tacit learning possibilities, which are able to nurture a sensational dimension in education.

The hope is that participants will come, if not to fully understand, then at least to imagine the potential and need for sonic competencies, the skill to engage in a subject/discipline or materiality through the relational capacity of sound, and that they come to appreciate the benefits of a sonic sensibility, the ability to hear one's own position within a plural and interdependent world. The objective is to help the the audience to in their own teaching and learning use sound's invisible and connecting dimensionality and to become able to understand how it might augment their practices, allowing them to include the affective and the sensational in their own educational work.

The Sounding Knowledge conference presentation can be downloaded here.