Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall

Research Centre Manager 

Sounding Knowledge Co-ordinator (2022 - 2022),  Listening Across Disciplines I Administrator (2016-2017), Sound Matters Administrator (2015-2016), CRiSAP Administrator / Acting Manager (2014 - 2022)


Lisa Hall is a sound artist and researcher exploring urban environments as a context for everyday sonic communications, connections and entanglements. Collaborative and solo projects are often sited, relational and participatory, staged as walks, rides, workshops, performances, curations, writings, interventions and sound installations. Lisa explores how sound is, or could be, part of everyday living, asking what holds sonic behaviours and hearings in place, and how else this could be. In October 2022 Lisa began working on a PhD in urban sound practices at University of Oxford.

Working at CRiSAP since 2014, Lisa has supported the research activities of the centre and produced numerous international conferences and creative events that include Wild Energies conference, Un-Earthed Festival, SGFA2016 conference, SGFA 2014 conference, SGFA Zine while also supporting AHRC research projects Sounding Knowledge, Listening Across Disciplines and Sound Matters. In addition, Lisa has lead / co-lead a series of urban sound projects with CRiSAP: Acts of Air exhibition, Sound, Art & Urban Spaces symposium and City Sonic Places artworks.

Lisa has shared their practice-based research work at numerous conferences, in academic journals and with many arts organisations, receiving funding from the LCC Research department and Arts Council England. In addition to working individually on creative projects (at the V&A, Whitstable Biennale, Kochi Muziris Biennale, Lisbon Triennale, Royal Academy) Lisa is a long term collaborator with Hannah Kemp-Welch on a variety of sound arts projects, The Bicrophonic Research Institute on sonic cycling and air pollution sonification works, and more recently with international feminist radio group, Shortwave Collective, who formed remotely during the pandemic.

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