Hearing Voices is a free interactive multimedia app that features recordings and fieldwork by John Wynne in collaboration with visual artist Denise Hawrysio and linguist Andy Chebanne, conducted with speakers of highly endangered Khoi and San languages in the Kalahari Desert in 2003. The audio includes 10 original song recordings and interviews with 8 speakers of 5 different Khoi/San languages. These are all high quality professional recordings which highlight the extraordinary audio features of these click languages. All are accompanied by English translations.

The speakers are; Nicodemus Barkard, Tshabakgotta Igamamoo, Gosaitse Kabatlhophane, Kanokabe//nee//ee, Qgõcgae, Roy Sesana, and Thamae Sobe and Xukuri Xukuri. The interviewees are Peter Austin and Andy Chebanne. Linguistic advice was provided by Andy Chebanne and Herman Batibo.
The app is accompanied by an article 'Hearing Voices: Research and creative practice across cultures and disciplines', written by John Wynne, published in Language Documentation and Description, Vol 12 - a special Issue on Language Documentation and Archiving edited by David Nathan & Peter K. Austin.
The app is part of a multi-faceted project by John Wynne, which included a multi-channel sound and photography installation and a BBC Radio commission - read more about Hearing Voices.
Hearing Voices poster