Month: April 2020

Call for works: Online sound art exhibition, Un-Earthed festival

A yellow background with white text that reads "Call for works: online sound art exhibition"

£150 fee for selected work | Deadline 17 May 2020
This online exhibition calls for sound works that explore the sonic condition of our cities around the world, interrogating how our urban spaces have been built in sound, and what our sonic agency is within them.

Sonic experiments from Covid-19 lockdown

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PhD student Kate Carr has started an new podcast series ‘Interiorities’ playing sonic experiments and documents from this Covid-19 time of ‘lockdown’.

Tim Smith awarded in the Ann Arbor Film Festival

a crown with plackards that read "white supremacy is terrorism" with green subtitle text that reads "keep resisting"

Tim Smith’s short film Queering di Teknolojik was awarded the George Manupelli Founder’s Spirit Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival last week! Congratulations Tim! Queering Di Teknolojik is a message from the future. Spoken by the collective digital voice of a group of queer artists and activists, this collaborative project speculates about the possibilities of a temporality yet to come. This is a message of hope.