Month: January 2018

Announced: City Sonic Places’ commissioned artwork programme

The artist in a white foam suit

These seven artworks will be exploring and contributing to the sonic places of Elephant & Castle, available between 11am – 2pm, before the Symposium begins at 2pm. 

Locate them in the streets, on benches, in phone boxes or on twitter – join them in sounding out the built environment, through ‘living statistics’; by listening for underground tunnels; listening through bodies or by trying to not listen at all.

Matterlurgy selected for the Creating Earth Futures Commissions

Artists performing on the stage

Matterlurgy, Helena Hunter & Mark Peter Wright, have been selected by The Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities‘ creative commissions to develop a new work Begin with Noticing on the theme of creating earth futures. This project aims for an arts of attunement within the context of global environmental change (GEC) and the comissioning theme of Creating Earth Futures.