Month: March 2021

Introducing HEARD – Health, Arts and Design research hub

Students experimenting in the Grow Lab, Central Saint Martins, on the Hacking Hearts Scientist in Residence project, November 2019. © Hacking Hearts CSM/TiTech 2019

 HEARD (HEAlth, ARts and Design) is a new research hub of UAL focusing on art and design and their relationship to health. The hub brings together artists, researchers, students, and practitioners from across the UAL community, including a number of CRiSAP researchers.

Sound arts now – out now!

Book cover for Sound arts now by Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle with image of artist Elsa M’bala, performance in the field

While not claiming to be a definitive survey, Sound arts now broadens and destabilises what we have come to understand as sound arts, offering new and different pathways, frames of reference, and modes of thinking.

A Thousand Channels: Episode One

A thousand Channels episode one image - a book on a collaged background with words that read Stranded Pakistanis ...

Taking its title from Édouard Glissant’s Poetics of Relation (“one way ashore, a thousand channels”), this series features conversations, poetry, specially commissioned sound works and guest radio/audio projects in the lead-up to Colomboscope 2021. The six tracks of each episode encompass various modes, linking remotely across multiple Indian Ocean territories, their diasporic fringes and linguistic/musical enclaves.

Soundcamp/Reveil are calling for streams, soundcamps, radios!

Soundcamp 2021 poster of black image with white circle and text that reads Otanomo cyberforest 2020/05/03 and a changing time code

Reveil is a 24+1 hour radio broadcast following sunrise around the earth on Dawn Chorus Day. The program is constructed from live audio feeds sent in by streamers at daybreak.

For this 8th edition, they are calling for out-side streams, soundcamps, and radio stations to relay the broadcast.

Voices at the Margins? – Open Call

Poster for "voices in the margins" with text - all transcribed on web page

Voices in the Margins? is Summer workshop convened by TECHNE PhD researchers: Syma Tariq (CRiSAP); Vanessa Tautter, Martha Beard, Áine McKenny (University of Brighton); and Laney Lenox (Ulster University). This open call invites applications from PhD researchers from all disciplines working with memories, voices and histories.