Month: March 2023

Kevin Logan presents at the AR@K23 symposium in Oslo.

Group of people sat at tables in IKLEKTIC with Salomé Voegelin introducing the event next to a projection screen

In March 2023, Dr Kevin Logan represented the Sounding Knowledge Network (SKN) at the AR@K23 symposium in Oslo.  Read about Kevin’s performance presentation (and the playful provocations it involved) here.  

Corporeality album by Ingrid Plum

album cover, blue ink on white paper with "Ingrid Plum Corporeality"

Ingrid Plum’s new album Corporeality demands that you listen louder. Corporeality draws on the archive of sound poet Lily Greenham, and utilises shimmering sine-tone structures, intensely-grounded field recordings, and the interior of a grand piano to explore spaces amongst the oscillating layers of sound. At the core of the album is Plum’s voice and the unique circuitry of the EMS VCS4 synthesiser. Plum weaves these elements together into embodied, intimate compositions that get under your skin and activate an interior landscape of listening.