Radio Survivor interview CRiSAP Doctor Magz Hall

Radio Survivor 'is a news blog about radio’s present, past, and uncertain future by Matthew Lasar, Paul Riismandel, and Jennifer Waits. Radio Survivor attempts to shed light on the ongoing importance of radio: from the airwaves (FM, AM, Short-wave, HD, satellite) to online'.

This month Brian Fauteux interviewed CRiSAP Doctor Magz Hall in their Radio Scholarship, Radio Survivor Academic Series about her extensive work and research with Radio ~  'Dr. Hall explains how her research is closely connected to a variety of experimental and artistic projects in the field of radio art. By engaging with radio as a flexible, fluid, and accessible medium, Dr. Hall highlights the ways in which radio can engage with communities and inspire cutting-edge research and arts-based practices.'

Read the full interview online here:

Doctor Magz Hall completed a PhD with CRiSAP titled 'Radio After Radio: Redefining Radio Art in the Light of New Media Technology through Expanded Practice' in 2014. Her practice-based research explored the rich history of radio as an artistic medium and the relationship between the artist and technology, emphasising the role of the artist as a mediator between broadcast institutions and a listening public. It considered how radio art might be defined in relation to sound art, music and media art, mapping its shifting parameters in the digital era and prompting a consideration of how radio appears to be moving from a dispersed ‘live’ event to one consumed ‘on demand’ by a segmented audience across multiple platforms. Read more about Magz's research on her research profile.


Image of Radio Art workshop by Magz Hall