Listen to PoL # 27 Deep Listening

Last week's Points of Listening session, #27 Deep Listening with Ximena Alarcón, was recorded and is available to listen back to online.

In the PoL attendees experienced Deep Listening, as an inner departure for change. Through energy building exercises, and listening meditations the group were guided to experience inner and outer listening, to expand awareness of sound as it travels in time and space, encountering many possible audible forms, beyond ordinary sound perceptions in daily life. Both inclusive and exclusive attention to the phenomena of sound were practiced, with experiments through individual and collective sounding.

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This PoL was staged in conjunction with Listening Across Disciplines, an Arts and Humanities Research Council Network Project initiated by Principal Investigator, Dr. Salomé Voegelin, Reader in Sound Arts at the London College of Communication, UAL, and Co-Investigator, Dr. Anna Barney, Professor in Biomedical Acoustic Engineering at Southampton University.