Listening Across Disciplines on Resonance FM Re-commencing on Wednesday 11 January

This second instalment of Listening across Disciplines on Resonance FM, broadcast each Wednesday afternoon at 3pm and repeated on Monday mornings at 11am, will share the discussions from the second in a series of network events taking place over the course of the year in our Listening Across Disciplines (LxD) research project.

It shares the conversations and ideas from our second network event, held in September last year in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at Southampton University, and brought listening to the exploration of social and medical as well as anthropological and forensic listening.

This event brought together a group of experts from different disciplines to discuss and interrogate listening though the theme of the Body and Material Salomé Voegelin, Anna Barney, Cathy Lane, Angus Carlyle, Mark P. Wright, Alexandra Supper, Daniel Rowan, Rupert Cox, John Wynne, Ximena Alarcón, Ryan Bishop, Kevin Logan, Jan Schacher, Hedwig Eisenbarth, Andrew Carnie, Hannah Semeraro, Julian Weaver.  Read more about Listening to Bodies and Materialities.


Further radio programmes will be broadcast on Resonance FM in 2017 documenting the third Network event; Listening to Language, Culture and Artefacts.

Full documentation and archives of the radio shows will also be made available on the LxD website.

Listen on Resonance FM, Wednesday at 3pm (or Monday at 11 am):


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Listening Across Disciplines (LxD) is a network project that brings together artists, musicians, scientists, technologists, social scientists, scholars and practitioners to work across disciplinary boundaries on the recently emerging focus on sound and listening, led by Salomé Voegelin & Anna Barney, funded by AHRC. Read more about LxD.