Share your favourite sounds of Hull

Peter Cusack's Favourite Sounds project comes to Hull for 2017 as part of the UK City of Culture 2017 events.

The Favourite Sounds project aims to discover and celebrate what people value about the soundscapes of the cities, towns and neighbourhoods where they live and work. The project asks the seemingly simple question, ‘What is your favourite sound of London, or Beijing, or Prague, or…, and why?’ All sounds can be head on the sound-mapping site.

'Favourite Sounds of Hull is a further step in a journey that encourages the local community as well as those who know and love Hull, to identify and share with the rest of the world, their favourite sounds of their city. The favourite sounds of Hull are being collected and recorded while Hull is the UK Culture Capital for 2017, building up a comprehensive list of what people like about Hull's soundscape to show what makes the city sonically special for those who know it or live there.'  - Read more on the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 website.

Share your favourite sound of Hull, or listen to the favourite sounds of Hull.

Event image - of a bird and sound wave visualisation from its beak