Interview with David Mollin & Salomé Voegelin about their Art and Architecture commission ‘Kleefeld – Klangfeld’

Event image - children playing in a playground

LCC have interviewed David Mollin and Salomé Voegelin about their recent Art and Architecture commission to realise a public art project in Bern, Switzerland. The project Kleefeld - Klangfeld will, through infrastructure building (in 2017 - 2020) and participatory interventions (in 2020 - 2025), make the environment of a newly renovated local school in a multicultural area of the town into an ‘instrument’ to be experienced and played as a Klangfeld, as a sonic field.

“Our work emphasises the infrastructure of production and develops an idea from Bauhaus where art is seen as a part of the superstructure: the architectural, technological and ideological construction of a place, which becomes a part of the material basis of the artwork. It presents a technological way of realising art’s transformative powers, and enables the inhabitants as to explore and change their environment and the social interactions and relationships that are conducted within it” - David