Post-Natural Sound Arts

A new publication by Mark Peter Wright published in the latest issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies:

‘This article examines three archival representations that form the basis for a Post-Natural Sound Arts.  Although contemporary practice is discussed within the section “Representation and the Dangers of Aw[e]ful Listening,” that particular emphasis will be addressed another time. Rather than create a conventional survey or claim an exclusive territory, I hope to open up new modes of enquiry that can inform a way of rehearing environmental sound arts. Specifically, I want to reassess the roles of silence, technology, and subjectivity and fuse them into broader claims of an acoustic ecology. The emphasis throughout rests in the application of an eco-political ear, one that is not without its uncertainties and limits, but nonetheless endeavors to listen in, and out, of intersectional power.’

Read the full text in the Journal of Sonic Studies.