Interview with Salomé Voegelin on “Hearing the Fake” presentation at the Council of Europe Conference

Conference photo of Salomé presenting to an audience

LCC interviewed Salomé Voegelin to find out more about her presentation at the 4th Council of Europe’s Platform Exchange on Culture and Digitisation Conference, Hearing the Fake, and her research on Listening Across Disciplines more widely. 

LCC: Was the research as well received as you had hoped?

SV: People, the general public as well as artists and academics, find it very difficult to fully understand listening and sound beyond language or the musical, which represent a semantic listening and thus produce a quasi visual interpretation of sound, when what we are interested in is the more experimental and ephemeral capacity of hearing.

This on the one hand makes it harder to get people to understand the research, its aims, value and use, but at the same time it makes it more important to succeed. 

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